At Camworx® we specialise in providing remote monitoring solutions via our proprietary, secure cloud-based network camera application, utilising standard broadband internet connections.

Unlike standard CCTV systems, the Camworx VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution has been designed and developed specifically with childcare in mind, and includes features to help you control access to cameras to customisable schedules for added security and privacy.


In 2013 the Irish RTE Prime Time TV programme “Breach of Trust” unearthed shortcomings of certain Irish Childcare providers and resulted in negative press which has been detrimental for the reputation and credibility of the Irish Childcare Industry. The program and resulting press coverage has indicated a real need for all Childcare providers to offer an open and transparent service to help boost public perception of the industry and rebuild the bond of trust between society and the Irish Childcare Industry, thus offering peace of mind to parents of children in their care.

A secure live camera monitoring service offered to parents by childcare providers is a real solution to the issues raised by allowing parents to check in on their child at any time during the day from their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Benefits to Crèche Owners

  • Boost public confidence in the services provided
  • Offer a transparent service to customers
  • Boost enrolment and help maintain market share by providing a service that not all crèches offer
  • Offer a true “Open Door” policy to parents, as they can view their child’s activities at any time
  • Reduce disruption to classes caused by separation anxiety when a parent leaves their child at the end of a visit
  • Crèche owners can keep a watchful eye on all of their sites from any location, and receive instant email/SMS alerts if activity is detected out of working hours

Benefits to Parents

  • Peace of mind knowing they can see how well their child is being cared for at any time
  • Minimises the need to take time off work to visit their child’s crèche for a spot check
  • Can grant Grandparents access to the system
  • Less to worry about on a day when their child is not feeling well
  • Can spend some virtual time with their child on birthdays etc.
  • Parents feel they have a better connection with their child as they have been “involved” in their day
  • Builds confidence in children, knowing that Mum and Dad can keep a watchful eye on them all day long
  • A great way for parents working abroad on foreign contracts to see how their children are progressing everyday

If you would like to place an order, or are interested in a demonstration of how this innovative solution can help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.