Camworx Premium from €8 per camera per month allows secure, live, online multi user access to your network security cameras, with instant alerting features and offsite recording.Putting you in the room, anywhere, anytime!
Camworx Premium will allow you and your assigned users (max. 5 users) to view your installed network/IP security cameras from anywhere in the world, through almost any internet connected PC or device, including mobile devices.

Camworx Premium is designed with multiple users in mind and is suitable for personal or small to medium business use. Whether its your shop, office restaurant, your home, your holiday home or indeed any other location, your Camworx Premium account allows you to simply connect as many network cameras you wish which will simply and securely connect to the Internet either wired or wirelessly over that location’s Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

Looking out for you when you’re not there!
Camworx Premium will immediately notify your chosen users by email and SMS text message if any movement is detected by your cameras. Camworx Premium even sends you a snapshot of the scene straight to your e-mail, allowing you to take any necessary action should you need to… or simply just login and see for yourself.
Remove the need for expensive security monitoring services while your Camworx Premium account is looking out for you at a fraction of the cost, or just run Camworx Premium alongside your alarm monitoring service to save time and site visits and remotely see if it’s another false alarm!

Puts you in control
Camworx Premium ‘event scheduling’ allows an administrator (you) to decide precisely when and to whom notifications should be sent in the event of any detected movement at the locations of your cameras. Each user’s event alert schedule can be defined by the administrator(s) and over-ridden or changed at any time. This functionality gives the account holder and administrator the freedom to assign alerts to different people at different times.

Whether you would like for you or one of your employees to be notified (with a camera snapshot included!) when there is any movement at your business premises out of hours, or if you’d simply like for you or the members of your family to know when any movement is detected at your home while it’s unoccupied, Camworx Premium lets you simply tailor your own alert schedules to suit your needs and allows you or one of your users to monitor the location remotely. You can set up multiple schedules and switch between them or even override them on specific days, for example bank holidays and days off .

Seeing is relieving
It doesn’t all have to be about security! Maybe you just want to keep and eye on staff attendance or have a look to see if your retail store or restaurant is busy. You might just want to check in on loved ones at home, see how your pets are doing while you’re at work or see if the kids have arrived safely home from school. Whatever your needs, Camworx Premium will give you peace of mind when you’re not there.